Poster with two eyes in the middle and writing that says: 'Big Brother is watching you'.

Panopticon-like Society: A Dystopian Future

June 16, 2021

One vision of a dystopia that could possibly become a reality for us in the future is a society where everybody is constantly monitored. This dystopia would be very dangerous for free thought. […]

An artist's impression of inferno.

Dante and His ‘Inferno’

June 14, 2021

‘Inferno’ is an epic poem which is beautiful and also incredibly profound about the philosophical and theological depths of the problem of evil. It teaches us to see through evil’s spurious self-presentation, and what practical effects it can have on our world. […]

A carving of a devil's face.

Dante and Satan’s Hell

June 14, 2021

Dante discusses the nature of infernal punishment itself. For him, Hell is not extrinsic to the crimes for which the damned are sent there. […]

A statue of Dante

Dante: Pity, Piety, and Hell

June 13, 2021

Early on, Dante easily feels pity for people even when it’s unwarranted. As in the case of Paolo and Francesca; he thinks who can blame them for falling in love? Yet, it wasn’t about falling in love, but refusing to own up to what they had done. […]

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