UFO flying saucer

Imminent U.S. Report on UFOs Renews Questions about Saucers

June 8, 2021

Reports of UFOs in the United States predate the Wright Brothers. Whether these aerial objects are manmade or extraterrestrial in origin, they fuel pop culture, conspiracy theories, and fringe beliefs. An upcoming U.S. government report isn’t expected to confirm alien life. […]

Missouri Botanical Garden, Climatron

Never-Before-Seen Flower Blooms, Putting Botany in Limelight

May 27, 2021

A sign of hope for an endangered tree species blossomed in Missouri. The “Karomia gigas” tree is dangerously close to extinction, but a purple flower recently bloomed on one for the first time in recorded history. Flowering plants evolved rapidly in terms of Earth’s lifespan. […]

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